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Violão Flamenco

About Me

Fabio Moraes is a brazilian acoustic guitarist who is "aficionado" in Flamenco music. Besides has studied mainly popular music in Brazil, Jazz and MPB, Flamenco has been your passion.​

Having graduated in Popular style for Acoustic Guitar, he has learned through various known guitarists in Brazil like Fernando de LaRua, Ulisses Rocha, Paulo Tiné, Paola Picherzky and from abroad like Gerardo Nuñez, El Entri, Paco Serrano and other.

Despite having experience playing with Choro music, including own compositions in this style, during these years, he has been performing mainly accompanied by Flamenco Dance groups in Brazil.

Therefore, after many years composing for "bailes" and for some solo performances, he decides to put part of that together in a music Album. Evocación launched in 2013 was recorded in Madrid, Spain and São Paulo, Brasil. Mixing Flamenco guitar music with Classical arrangement, brings a interesting sound from the Barroco period of classical music to the contemporary harmonies of popular acoustic guitar.


All musics were composed by Fabio Moraes and most of them arranged by Gilmar de Campos, who also plays Oboe, English Horn, Flute and Clarinet. Gilmar has also arranged for Cello, played by Jefferson Perez.  The engineer responsible for recording the guitar, percussion, claps and pre-mixing whole album is Jose Luis Garrido, also known to have recorded the major names of Flamenco including Paco de Lucia, Vicente Amigo, Ketama, Rafael Riqueni, Gerardo Nuñez etc.


Currently he is dedicated to promote Evocación album in cultural theatres in Brazil and other countries.